Pakistan vs. Netherlands: “Pakistan Overcomes Dutch Challenge, A Thrilling Start to ODI World Cup 2023”

Pakistan vs. Netherlands: "Pakistan Clinches ODI World Cup 2023 Opener Against Netherlands"

     Pakistan started their ODI World Cup 2023 campaign on a winning note, defeating the Netherlands in an exciting match at Hyderabad. Despite early setbacks, Pakistan’s batting and pace attack proved crucial in securing an 81-run victory.

Pakistan vs. Netherlands: "Resilient Netherlands Falls Short in Challenging Chase"

     The Netherlands showcased resilience in their chase against Pakistan but eventually fell short by 81 runs. Bas de Leede’s heroics with the bat and the Dutch bowling performance highlighted their potential, but Pakistan’s bowlers, led by Hasan Ali and Haris Rauf, proved too strong in the end.

Pakistan vs. Netherlands: "Key Takeaways: Pakistan's Batting Concerns and Netherlands' Batting Strength"

     The match between Pakistan and the Netherlands brought to light Pakistan’s concerns in the batting department, while the Netherlands demonstrated their strong batting lineup. Both teams will need to address these aspects as they progress in the ODI World Cup 2023.

Pakistan vs. Netherlands:


     In a thrilling encounter at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad, Pakistan faced off against the Netherlands in their opening match of the ODI World Cup 2023 campaign. Both teams entered the match with different forms of preparation, Pakistan coming in after two warm-up defeats and the Dutch side having limited warm-up action due to washed-out matches.

Getting Ready for the Match

Pakistan vs. Netherlands:

Weather Report

     In Hyderabad, the weather forecast for Friday, October 6, is looking favorable for the cricket match. There is no threat of rain, and the day is expected to be partly sunny and cloudy. The maximum temperature during the day is projected to reach 33°C, providing good conditions for the game. As the night falls, the temperature is expected to reduce to a more comfortable 25°C. This should ensure that the weather remains conducive for the match, allowing players and spectators to enjoy the game without interruptions due to rain.


     The pitch at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium for the upcoming match is expected to be a batting paradise. It is likely to offer favorable conditions for batsmen, allowing them to score runs more comfortably. However, there will also be opportunities for pacers to make an impact, suggesting a balanced playing field between bat and ball.

     Moreover, historical data suggests that chasing has been the preferred strategy on this pitch, adding an extra layer of excitement to the encounter. Teams may look to exploit any advantage they can find in their pursuit of victory. Overall, the pitch conditions appear to be conducive to an exciting and competitive cricket match.


     In the ODI format, Pakistan and the Netherlands have faced each other in a total of six matches. Pakistan has maintained a perfect record in these encounters, winning all six matches, while the Netherlands has not managed to secure a victory against Pakistan in any of these contests.

  • Total matches played: 6
  • Matches won by Pakistan: 6
  • Matches won by Netherlands: 0

Pakistan vs. Netherlands:


     In the ODI World Cups, Pakistan has faced the Netherlands twice, with the following results:

  1. 1996 ODI World Cup: Pakistan won by eight wickets in Lahore.
  2. 2003 ODI World Cup: Pakistan won by 97 runs in Paarl.

     In both encounters, Pakistan emerged victorious against the Netherlands.


     In matches played at Hyderabad, the records for teams batting first and batting second are as follows:

  • Matches won by teams batting first: 8
  • Matches won by teams batting second: 6

     These statistics suggest that while batting first has been slightly more successful, teams chasing a target have also managed to secure wins in matches held in Hyderabad. It highlights the competitive nature of matches at this venue.


     The Netherlands captain, Scott Edwards, has won the toss and elected to bowl.

Pakistan vs. Netherlands
Courtesy ICC Cricket World Cup Twitter

Pakistan vs. Netherlands:

What Captain Said at Toss:

     Netherlands Skipper Scott Edwards

     We will bowl first, might get a little bit easier under lights. We got some quality bowlers and spinners who can bowl in the PowerPlay. For us, it’s about adjusting and seeing how the pitch is playing.

     Pakistan Skipper Babar Azam

     We will try our best with the bat. We believe in our openers, Imam and Fakhar. Shaheen [Afridi] is there as well. Hasan [Ali] is back in the side. We are looking at 290-300 plus.

     Captain Babar Azam has confirmed that Hasan Ali will be part of Pakistan’s playing XI in the match. Additionally, Babar Azam also announced that the opening pair for Pakistan will consist of Fakhar Zaman and Imam-ul-Haq. This decision provides insight into Pakistan’s lineup and strategy for the game.


Pakistan vs. Netherlands
Courtesy Pakistan Cricket Twitter

Pakistan vs. Netherlands:


     The stage is set at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium as both teams have lined up for the national anthems. The match officials are making their way onto the field, and the World Cup trophy is prominently displayed at the center. The Dutch anthem will be played first, marking the start of this exciting cricket encounter.



     In the opening match of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, Pakistan triumphed over the Netherlands with a convincing 81-run victory at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad. Pakistan, who batted first, faced an early top-order collapse but managed to post a competitive total of 286 runs in their allotted 49 overs. The standout performances came from Mohammad Rizwan and Saud Shakeel, both contributing 68 runs each. Bas de Leede was the pick of the Dutch bowlers, taking 4 wickets for 62 runs.

      In response, the Netherlands started well with Vikramjit Singh and Bas de Leede leading their charge. Vikramjit scored 52 runs, and Bas de Leede made 67 runs before being dismissed. However, Pakistan’s bowlers, led by Hasan Ali and Haris Rauf, combined to take crucial wickets and restrict the Netherlands to 205 runs in 41 overs.

     Despite Bas de Leede’s impressive all-round performance, the Netherlands fell short of Pakistan’s total. Haris Rauf was the top wicket-taker for Pakistan, finishing with figures of 3 for 43. Pakistan’s victory was anchored by the partnership between Saud Shakeel and Mohammad Rizwan, who steadied the innings after a shaky start.

     Saud Shakeel, who was named the Player of the Match, played a vital role in Pakistan’s recovery, stating that he aimed to be positive and score runs for the team. Ultimately, Pakistan’s solid team effort with both bat and ball secured them a convincing win, marking a successful start to their World Cup campaign.

Pakistan vs. Netherlands

Over Wise Details

     Runs: 4 | Wickets: 0 | Overs: 1

     In the opening over, Imam-ul-Haq and Fakhar Zaman step onto the field after the national anthems. Pressure mounts on this opening pair as the Dutch opt for a spinner, Aryan Dutt, to begin. Fakhar, on strike, faces a full delivery and narrowly escapes being beaten outside the off-stump. The following deliveries are dealt with cautiously by Fakhar, resulting in four consecutive dot balls. He finally breaks the streak with a boundary, guiding the ball behind point for FOUR.

     Runs: 13 | Wickets: 0 | Overs: 2

     Logan van Beek takes the ball from the other end. Imam gets off the mark with a single on the first ball, pushing a full delivery to mid-on. FOUR! Fakhar gets lucky as the ball takes the leading edge and flies over point to the boundary. He repeats it intentionally next, driving a full delivery on leg-stump through midwicket for another FOUR. Fakhar misses a flick, and there’s an appeal, but the ball was pitching on leg and likely heading down the leg side.

     Runs: 15 | Wickets: 0 | Overs: 3

     Dutt remains in the attack. The over starts with a couple of dot balls. Imam is beaten by the third ball as it turns away and narrowly misses his outside edge while he attempts a forward defensive. The next delivery is close to off-stump, and Imam struggles to cut. Finally, he manages to flick a full ball on the legs behind square for a couple of runs.

     Runs: 16 | Wickets: 1 | Overs: 4

     van Beek opens the over with a slower bouncer wide outside off, and Fakhar wisely leaves it. Fakhar then whips a length ball on leg-stump to midwicket, resulting in a dot ball. The following delivery, on middle and off, angles away and is pushed to cover for no run. OUT! Fakhar experiences another failure as he offers a simple catch back to the bowler. A length ball just outside off to Babar, and he gets off the mark with a single on the next ball.

Runs: 18 | Wickets: 1 | Overs: 5

     Dutt carries on. Babar defends the ball back to the bowler. An LBW appeal is made but turned down. Babar stepped forward, and the impact was outside off. The Netherlands is posing some tough questions. After four dot balls, Babar manages to push the ball to long-on for a single. Imam also contributes with a single, pushing it to long-off to conclude the over.

     Runs: 24 | Wickets: 1 | Overs: 6

     Van Beek bowls once more. Imam’s cut goes straight to the point fielder. He is beaten by the following delivery as it angles away after pitching on middle and off. However, Imam manages to strike a FOUR by driving a full delivery behind point. He then whips a full ball on the pads for a couple more. A slightly shorter delivery, closer to off-stump, prompts Imam to leave it.

     Runs: 28 | Wickets: 1 | Overs: 7

     Dutt continues, with a short mid-on in a catching position. The over starts with a wide ball as it’s short and down the leg side, Babar misses the pull. Another wide follows as the ball spins into Babar and goes further down leg-side. A length ball on off-stump is punched by Babar to the cover fielder. The next delivery spins in sharply, surprising Babar with extra bounce. Two solid defensive shots from Babar lead to the removal of the slip fielder. Babar finishes the over by cutting the last ball away for a couple of runs.

     Runs: 34 | Wickets: 1 | Overs: 8

     Van Beek continues. Imam’s cut goes straight to point once again, struggling to find the gaps today. However, he manages to strike a FOUR on the next ball by driving through covers. The following delivery, a length ball on off, is defended, and they grab a quick single. Babar adds a single to the total by tucking one off his hips behind square.

     Runs: 38 | Wickets: 2 | Overs: 9

     Colin Ackermann enters the attack. He begins with a couple of dot balls. OUT! A rank long-hop from Ackermann, and Babar attempts a pull shot, but he sends it straight into the hands of midwicket. This is a significant wicket for the Dutch, and Pakistan finds itself in trouble. Muhammad Rizwan replaces Babar Azam and quickly gets off the mark with two consecutive couples.

     Babar Azam is dismissed, caught by Zulfiqar off Ackermann for 5 (18 balls).

     Runs: 43 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 10

     More trouble for Pakistan as Paul van Meekeren takes a wicket off the first ball of the over. Imam pulls a short delivery straight to deep fine-leg Out. Saud Shakeel is the new batsman and faces a challenging task. He gets a fortunate FOUR as the ball, a cross-seam delivery on off-stump, angles away and takes an edge off the shoulder of the bat, finding the boundary behind. Shakeel follows up with a drive through covers, but a brilliant dive prevents the ball from reaching the boundary.

     Runs: 53 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 11

     Dutt returns to the attack with a slip in place. The midwicket fielder is initially placed on the boundary but is called back inside the circle, signaling Netherlands’ aggressive intent. Rizwan gets a fortunate FOUR as the ball takes the inside edge and goes past the keeper for a boundary. Pakistan is living dangerously.

     FOUR! An opportunity missed at slip! The ball turns away, Shakeel gets an outside edge as he attempts to play it behind point, but the slip fielder can’t react in time, and it goes to the boundary.

     Runs: 62 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 12

    FOUR! Rizwan plays a convincing shot, driving a full delivery down the ground for a boundary. It’s a welcome sight for Pakistan today. Rizwan follows up with a short delivery, pulling it away to deep square for two more runs. He then nudges a delivery through square-leg for a single. Shakeel contributes with a drive down the ground, collecting two more runs.

     Runs: 67 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 13

     Dutt continues. FOUR! Rizwan pulls a short delivery away to the boundary at wide long-on. Pakistan has had two good overs, and Rizwan appears to be finding his rhythm.

     Runs: 72 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 14

     FOUR! Van Meekeren delivers a short ball, and Shakeel flat-bats it with a pull shot, sending the ball racing to the square-leg boundary. This marks a slight shift in momentum.

     Runs: 78 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 15

     Bas de Leede comes into the attack. FOUR! Shakeel takes a full delivery on the legs and lifts it over mid-on for a boundary. The last ball of the over is cut away behind point for a single.

     Runs: 81 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 16

     Roelof van der Merwe comes into the attack. He starts well from round the wicket to Shakeel, delivering a full ball on the stumps that’s defended back. The next delivery is pushed down the ground for a single. Rizwan plays forward in defense on the following ball. He then pushes it down the ground to long-on for another single. A tossed-up delivery on off-stump is defended by Shakeel. He drives the final delivery down the ground for one more, resulting in three runs from the over.

     Runs: 84 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 17

     De Leede continues. He starts with a short delivery down the leg side, called a wide. It’s an accurate over from de Leede, maintaining a probing length outside off.

     Runs: 90 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 18

     Van der Merwe continues. The first three balls yield a couple of singles. Van der Merwe is giving the ball some flight in this over. FOUR! Rizwan sweeps the ball with authority to the square-leg boundary, bringing up the 50-run partnership between Rizwan and Shakeel.

     Runs: 98 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 19

     FOUR! Rizwan drives the ball down the ground as de Leede overpitches, earning eight runs from the over.

     Runs: 101 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 20

     Pakistan reaches a hundred in 19.3 overs. Three singles come from the over, and Pakistan is gradually recovering from the early setback.

     Runs: 106 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 21

     Vikramjit Singh is introduced into the attack. Rizwan gets a full delivery on the pads and whips it to the midwicket fielder. Another full delivery on the stumps is driven back to the bowler. The keeper now comes up to the stumps. FOUR! Rizwan relieves the pressure of three dot balls with a boundary through extra-cover. He flicks the final delivery, which is too full on the legs, for a single and retains strike.

     Runs: 121 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 22

     Van der Merwe flights the ball on off, and Rizwan pushes it to long-off for a single. FOUR! Shakeel steps out and chips the ball over the infield, earning a boundary at midwicket. A no-ball is called as Netherlands had an extra fielder outside the circle. SIX! The ball is in the hitting arc, and Shakeel clubs it over midwicket for a maximum. This over could be the one that decisively shifts the momentum in Pakistan’s favor. The over concludes with three singles and a dot.

     Runs: 132 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 23

     Vikramjit continues. Shakeel pushes a full delivery outside off through covers for a single. Rizwan drives a full ball angling in on the legs down the ground for a single. FOUR! Shakeel gets down on one knee and drills a full delivery outside off over mid-off for a boundary. He follows it up with another FOUR, shoveling a full ball outside off to the long-off boundary. This boundary brings up Shakeel’s fifty off 32 balls, making it the second-fastest fifty by a Pakistan batter in World Cups. Inzamam-ul-Haq holds the record for the fastest.

     Runs: 135 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 24

     Van Beek is back into the attack. Shakeel guides the ball to third man for a single. Rizwan flicks the next delivery to square-leg for one more. There are a couple of dot balls to follow before Shakeel runs one down to deep third for a single.

     Runs: 143 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 25

     Saqib Zulfiqar comes into the attack. FOUR! Shakeel deftly dabs the ball to the third man boundary as he waits for it and plays it off the backfoot. The next ball is very wide outside off, and Shakeel jumps across to flick it through the leg-side for a single. Rizwan cuts the ball away for a single.

     Runs: 148 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 26

     Rizwan reaches his fifty with a single. Van Beek maintains a firm line, and the batters accumulate a series of singles.

     Runs: 155 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 27

     Saqib tosses one outside the off-stump, and Saud employs the reverse-sweep to earn FOUR. Three singles follow as Pakistan continues to build their total.

     Runs: 158 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 28

     Van Meekeren continues to apply pressure on the batters, and the over results in just three runs. Netherlands is building pressure; could a wicket be around the corner?

     Runs: 160 | Wickets: 4 | Overs: 29

     Saud Shakeel is dismissed, caught by Saqib Zulfiqar off Aryan Dutt for a well-played 68 (52 balls, 9×4, 1×6). Iftikhar Ahmed comes in at number 6, getting off the mark with a single. Rizwan taps one back for a dot, followed by three consecutive dot balls as Dutt keeps Iftikhar cramped with a straight line.

     Runs: 170 | Wickets: 4 | Overs: 30

     Van Meekeren bowls a length delivery, and Rizwan ramps it behind the keeper for FOUR. Positive running between the wickets adds six more runs to the total.

     Runs: 177 | Wickets: 4 | Overs: 31

     Dutt delivers a short ball, but Iftikhar executes a pre-meditated sweep for FOUR. The batters maintain their rotation of singles, preventing the Netherlands from building pressure.

     Runs: 188 | Wickets: 6 | Overs: 32

     De Leede delivers a length ball, and Rizwan leans into a superb drive down the ground for FOUR. However, he loses his wicket on the next delivery as de Leede bowls an off-cutter that jags back in to hit the off-stump. Rizwan is bowled for 68 (75 balls, 8×4). Mohammad Nawaz comes in at number 7 and gets off the mark with a boundary, pushing a low full toss through mid-off for FOUR. A single follows, but Iftikhar Ahmed departs as de Leede takes his wicket too. Iftikhar’s attempted slice results in an outside-edge, and the keeper makes the catch.

     Mohammad Rizwan was bowled by Bas de Leede after scoring 68 runs from 75 balls, which included eight boundaries (8×4). Meanwhile, Iftikhar Ahmed was caught by wicketkeeper Scott Edwards off Bas de Leede’s delivery after contributing 9 runs from 11 balls, including one four (1×4).

     Runs: 188 | Wickets: 6 | Overs: 33

     Ackermann constrains Nawaz with a flat, sharp line, and the over results in a maiden. Pakistan is finding it challenging to score in this over.

     Runs: 194 | Wickets: 6 | Overs: 34

     De Leede delivers a short ball, and Shadab helps it down to fine leg for FOUR. Pakistan adds to their total with that boundary.

     Runs: 196 | Wickets: 6 | Overs: 35

     Ackermann continues to bowl well, keeping Nawaz and Shadab in check. They manage to find a couple of singles, but Ackermann maintains a tight grip on the batters. The over yields just two runs.

     Runs: 200 | Wickets: 6 | Overs: 36

     Van der Merwe is introduced into the attack. Nawaz and Shadab continue to rotate the strike with singles. The bowlers are not conceding much at the moment, and the over produces four runs in total.

     Runs: 204 | Wickets: 6 | Overs: 37

     Ackermann finds some decent turn off the pitch and varies his lengths effectively. Nawaz and Shadab persist in collecting singles as they maneuver the ball around. The bowler keeps things tight in this over.

     Runs: 210 | Wickets: 6 | Overs: 38

     Van der Merwe floats one in, and Shadab almost chips the ball on the full to long-off. A series of singles follow, with Nawaz setting off for a quick single after tapping the ball to the on-side. There’s a direct hit at the non-striker’s end, but Nawaz comfortably makes his ground.

     Runs: 219 | Wickets: 6 | Overs: 39

     Ackermann bowls slightly short, and Shadab smashes the ball over a diving deep mid-wicket fielder for a SIX. Pakistan adds valuable runs with that big shot.

     Runs: 227 | Wickets: 6 | Overs: 40

     Van Meekeren delivers a sharp off-cutter that moves in and goes past Shadab’s inside edge, reaching the keeper. There are a couple of dot balls to follow. Van Meekeren then sends in a slower bouncer, which is called wide by the umpire.

     Runs: 233 | Wickets: 6 | Overs: 41

     Nawaz and Shadab pressure the fielders with some sharp running between the wickets. Ackermann’s lines are briefly disrupted as they collect six runs from the over. Pakistan is looking to push the score higher in the final overs.

     Runs: 244 | Wickets: 6 | Overs: 42

     De Leede delivers a loose ball outside the off-stump, and Nawaz slices it behind point for FOUR. A series of singles follow. De Leede sends in an off-cutter, but Nawaz drills the low full-toss through mid-off for another FOUR. Pakistan adds valuable runs to their total in this over.

     Runs: 250 | Wickets: 6 | Overs: 43

     Dutt continues from around the wicket. There are a couple of dot balls before a pronounced round-arm delivery concedes a single. Dutt then sprays one outside the off-stump, and Shadab slaps the ball through cover for FOUR. Pakistan continues to add runs to their total.

     Runs: 252 | Wickets: 8 | Overs: 44

     De Leede dismisses Shadab Khan, who is undone by a straight delivery. A slower ball dips in and moves gently towards the leg-stump, and Shadab plays all around it. He is bowled out for 32 (34 balls, 2×4, 1×6). Hasan Ali comes in at number 9.

     De Leede delivers a ball that hits high on the pads, resulting in a loud appeal and given out by the umpire. Hasan reviews, but the ball is shown to be hitting the middle-stump, and three reds confirm the decision. De Leede has his fourth wicket and is on a hat-trick. Shaheen Afridi arrives at the crease.

     The over concludes with an attempted yorker that Shaheen digs out from outside the off-stump.

     Runs: 258 | Wickets: 8 | Overs: 45

     Dutt delivers a short ball, and Nawaz works it through the on-side for a single. Dutt then tosses one on length outside the off-stump, finding some turn. Shaheen Afridi opens the face of the bat and guides it past short third man for FOUR. Dutt adopts straighter lines, and Shaheen blocks them out to save his pads. A single follows, adding to Pakistan’s total.

     Runs: 266 | Wickets: 8 | Overs: 46

     De Leede strays onto the pads, and Shaheen Afridi flicks it fine for FOUR. A couple of singles follow as Pakistan inches closer to a stable total.

     Runs: 267 | Wickets: 9 | Overs: 47

     Shaheen Afridi taps the ball from Ackermann towards mid-on and sets off for a single, but there’s a mix-up in the middle. OUT! A direct hit from O’Dowd at the striker’s end results in Nawaz falling short after attempting a late scramble. Mohammad Nawaz is run out for 39 (43 balls, 4×4). Haris Rauf is the last man in. He plays out four dot balls.

     Runs: 274 | Wickets: 9 | Overs: 48

     De Leede continues. Rauf faces a short ball outside the off-stump and swats it down the ground for FOUR. Pakistan adds to their total with that boundary.

     Runs: 286 | Wickets: 10 | Overs: 49

     Ackermann goes full and straight, and Rauf flicks it behind square for four. Then, a loose delivery on length outside the off-stump is met with a fierce slog-sweep by Rauf for SIX. However, he is dismissed on the next delivery. Rauf steps out for a rash heave and misses the ball altogether. Edwards completes a routine stumping, and Pakistan is all out for 286.

     With that, Pakistan’s innings comes to a close.

     The Pakistan innings followed a familiar pattern, with a top-order collapse and a lower-order fightback. The spirited new-ball showing from the Dutch put early pressure on Pakistan, leading to the downfall of key batters like Babar Azam. A controversial five-ball over further added to Pakistan’s woes. However, a rearguard effort was led by fifties from Rizwan and Saud Shakeel. Bas de Leede’s four-wicket haul posed a challenge, but Pakistan’s lower-order, especially Shadab Khan and Mohammad Nawaz, contributed valuable thirties to push the total to 286. With a strong Pakistan bowling attack, this score should be defendable, but predicting outcomes with this unpredictable team is always a challenge.

Pakistan vs. Netherlands
Courtesy Pakistan Cricket Twoitter

Pakistan vs. Netherlands

     The Netherlands deserves credit for their performance in restricting Pakistan to a total of 286 runs. Opting to begin with Aryan Dutt’s off-spin from one end, while it didn’t result in wickets, it effectively contained the Pakistani batsmen. Logan van Beek was equally impressive from the opposite end and managed to dismiss one of the openers early. Paul van Meekeren, another pacer, struck with his very first delivery, removing the other opener. An inspired bowling change, Colin Ackermann, proved instrumental in securing the vital wicket of Babar Azam. Although they faced a resilient partnership between Shakeel and Rizwan in the middle overs, the Netherlands bounced back with two quick wickets. However, they couldn’t dismantle Pakistan’s lower order effectively. Despite their efforts to pull things back, Scott Edwards might feel that Pakistan managed to accumulate more runs than expected. The standout performer for the Netherlands was Bas de Leede, who finished with impressive figures of 4 for 62 from his nine overs.

     Following the decision to bat first, Pakistan encountered a shaky start in their innings. Fakhar Zaman was dismissed early once again, and the quick losses of Imam-ul-Haq and Babar Azam within the span of just 5 deliveries added to the pressure. It was then that Mohammad Rizwan and Saud Shakeel came together, adopting a positive approach to revive Pakistan’s innings. Their partnership, worth 120 runs, breathed new life into Pakistan’s batting effort.

     After the departure of Shakeel, Pakistan faced a precarious situation, and it seemed like they might collapse quickly. However, Mohammad Nawaz and Shadab Khan had different plans as they joined forces and maintained the scoring momentum. Their dismissals did set Pakistan back, but a 19-run partnership for the last wicket helped them cross the 280-run mark. The innings showcased moments of struggle and resilience for Pakistan, ultimately resulting in a competitive total.

Pakistan vs. Netherlands

     van der Merwe, reflecting on the match, expressed satisfaction with their execution of plans and emphasized that they effectively applied pressure on Pakistan through their fielding efforts. He particularly praised Aryan Dutt for his performance during the opening spell. Van der Merwe acknowledged that batting becomes somewhat easier under the lights, leading to partnerships in the game.

     Looking ahead, he highlighted the importance of a good start and implied that it could be key to their success in the future. In a lighthearted note, he humorously mentioned that age might make one a bit grumpier, but he expressed contentment with both his personal performance and the team’s overall display in the match.

     As we reach the halfway point of the match, the situation appears evenly balanced. Batting is expected to become more comfortable under the lights, but Pakistan possesses the capabilities to defend the total they have posted. It’s worth noting that no team has ever successfully chased a 280-plus score against Pakistan in ODI World Cups.

     The question now arises: can the Dutch batters step up to the challenge? We will soon discover the answer when we return for the second innings and the Dutch attempt their chase. The stage is set for an exciting conclusion to this match.


     Runs: 4 | Wickets: 0 | Overs: 1

     Netherlands begins their innings cautiously with Vikramjit Singh and Max O’Dowd at the crease. Shaheen Afridi opens the bowling for Pakistan. The first over is tight, except for the last ball, which is full outside off. Vikramjit manages to push it through covers for three runs. Netherlands is 4/0 after the first over.

     Runs: 8 | Wickets: 0 | Overs: 2

     Hasan Ali comes in from the other end. He begins with a leg-stump line and maintains a back-of-a-length delivery. However, Vikramjit Singh manages to find the boundary with a clip off his pads over midwicket for FOUR. The next delivery is full and straight, driven back by Vikramjit. Netherlands collects four runs from the over. They are 8/0 after two overs.

     Runs: 15 | Wickets: 0 | Overs: 3

     Shaheen Afridi continues his spell. Max O’Dowd gets off the mark with a single, clipping a full ball to mid-on and pushing for a quick run. Vikramjit Singh drives a full ball outside off square for a couple. He crisply drives the next delivery, but a brilliant save by Babar Azam at point prevents a boundary. However, the following ball is width outside off, and Vikramjit slashes it hard behind point for FOUR. A low full toss outside off results in Vikramjit getting the toe end of the bat, and the ball bounces off the pitch. Finally, Vikramjit is beaten as the ball nips back in, and it whizzes past the edge. Netherlands adds seven runs to their total in this over. They are 15/0 after three overs.

     Runs: 20 | Wickets: 0 | Overs: 4

     Hasan Ali continues his spell. Max O’Dowd manages to punch a shortish delivery outside off past point for a well-placed FOUR. The following ball is down the leg side, resulting in a wide being called. O’Dowd leaves the next delivery outside off. The subsequent ball nips back in and hits him high on the thigh pad. Four dot balls conclude the over. Netherlands adds five runs to their total, reaching 20/0 after four overs.

     Runs: 28 | Wickets: 0 | Overs: 5

     Shaheen Afridi continues his spell. Vikramjit Singh defends the first two balls solidly and then taps the third to the point fielder, resulting in three consecutive dot balls. However, he breaks the streak with a powerful FOUR off a length ball outside off, slashing it over the infield and to the boundary.

     A bouncer follows the boundary, and Vikramjit leaves it alone. But he quickly responds with another FOUR, this time pushing a length ball outside off through the gap on the off-side. Vikramjit adds 8 runs to the Netherlands total in this over. They are 28/0 after 5 overs.

     Runs: 28 | Wickets: 1 | Overs: 6

     Hasan Ali continues his spell. OUT! Max O’Dowd pulls a short delivery straight to the fine-leg fielder and is dismissed for 1 run. Colin Ackermann comes in as the new batsman.

     There’s a chance for a double wicket maiden as an outside edge falls short of the slip fielder. Netherlands loses their first wicket in this over, and the score remains at 28/1 after 6 overs.

     Runs: 30 | Wickets: 1 | Overs: 7

     Shaheen Afridi continues his spell. There’s a desperate LBW appeal as the ball nips in and takes the inside edge on the way to Vikramjit Singh’s pads. After surviving the appeal, Vikramjit pushes a full delivery down the ground for a single.

     Colin Ackermann gets off the mark with a single, pushing the ball through the covers. There’s a bottom edge as Vikramjit looks to chop the ball on the off-side. Two runs come from the over, and Netherlands is 30/1 after 7 overs.

     Runs: 34 | Wickets: 1 | Overs: 8

     Hasan Ali is back for his fourth over. He starts with four consecutive dot balls, building pressure on the batsmen. However, FOUR runs come off the fifth ball as Colin Ackermann plays a slower one well, placing it through short cover and mid-off to get his first boundary. Netherlands adds 4 runs to their total, reaching 34/1 after 8 overs.

     Runs: 40 | Wickets: 1 | Overs: 9

     Haris Rauf is brought into the attack. Vikramjit Singh faces a length ball on off and defends it solidly on the off-side. The next ball angles in on the pads, and Vikramjit flicks it for a single.

     FOUR! Colin Ackermann finally finds a boundary for the Dutch. He flashes his bat at an outside-off stump delivery and sends it crashing through point with minimal footwork. Netherlands collects 6 runs from the over, moving to 40/1 after 9 overs.

     Runs: 47 | Wickets: 1 | Overs: 10

     Hasan Ali continues his spell. He starts with a slower one angling down the leg side, resulting in a wide being called. Colin Ackermann takes advantage and smacks a length ball outside off through extra-cover for a FOUR.

     Hasan Ali attempts a bouncer a couple of deliveries later, but it’s called wide for height. Ackermann pushes the next length ball angling in to mid-on for a single. Netherlands adds 7 runs to their total, reaching 47/1 after 10 overs.

     Runs: 50 | Wickets: 1 | Overs: 11

     Haris Rauf continues his spell. Colin Ackermann gets an inside edge that goes to square-leg for a single. Vikramjit Singh adds one more run to the total as he guides the ball to third man.

     Netherlands reaches the fifty-run mark in 10.4 overs. Rauf delivers a menacing bouncer that forces Vikramjit to take evasive action. The score is 50/1 after 11 overs.

     Runs: 52 | Wickets: 2 | Overs: 12

     Iftikhar Ahmed comes into the attack.

     OUT! He strikes on the very first ball of his spell. Iftikhar delivers a full and straight ball, and Colin Ackermann attempts a premeditated sweep, but he misses the ball completely, and his stumps are shattered. Ackermann departs for 11 runs.

     Bas de Leede is the new batsman and he gets off the mark with a tight single. Netherlands loses their second wicket, and the score is 52/2 after 12 overs.

     Runs: 54 | Wickets: 2 | Overs: 13

     Haris Rauf continues his spell. Vikramjit Singh faces the first ball and plays and misses a shortish delivery outside off, attempting to play it to fine-leg. He repeats the action on the next delivery, slashing hard outside off, but misses again.

     Rauf follows Vikramjit with a fullish delivery on the leg-stump line, and it’s defended on the leg side. A length ball on the middle is guided to point for a quick single. Bas de Leede, on strike now, gets an inside edge on his pads as he looks to defend a straightish delivery.

     He manages to push the next ball through covers off the backfoot for a single, and Bas de Leede will keep the strike. Two runs come from the over, and the score is 54/2 after 13 overs.

     Runs: 58 | Wickets: 2 | Overs: 14

     Iftikhar Ahmed continues to bowl. Bas de Leede plays a cut shot off the backfoot, guiding it behind point for a couple of runs. He follows it with a push that goes aerially through a vacant mid-on, adding one more to the total.

     It’s an accurate over from the off-spinner, conceding just four runs. The Netherlands reaches 58/2 after 14 overs.

     Runs: 60 | Wickets: 2 | Overs: 15

     Mohammad Nawaz is introduced into the attack. Vikramjit Singh paddle sweeps a delivery fine for a single. Just two singles come from that over, and the required run rate for the Netherlands is approaching 6.5 runs per over. The score is 60/2 after 15 overs.

     Runs: 70 | Wickets: 2 | Overs: 16

     Vikramjit Singh and Bas de Leede are trying to stabilize the Netherlands’ innings. Mohammad Nawaz continues his spell.

     FOUR! De Leede steps out of his crease and drills the ball over the bowler’s head, sending it down the ground for a boundary.

     A couple of singles follow off the next two deliveries, improving the strike rotation. Vikramjit Singh sweeps one, and there’s a misfield at midwicket that allows them to take a couple of runs.

     Ten runs come from the over, taking the Netherlands’ score to 70/2 after 16 overs.

     Runs: 80 | Wickets: 2 | Overs: 17

     Mohammad Nawaz is still bowling for Pakistan. Vikramjit Singh turns a delivery off his hips off the backfoot for a single at backward square-leg.

     SIX! Bas de Leede steps out of his crease and launches the ball over wide long-off for a six!

     The next delivery is full, and de Leede flicks it off the front foot for a couple of runs through midwicket. A single to end the over.

     The Netherlands scores 80/2 after 17 overs.

     Runs: 85 | Wickets: 2 | Overs: 18

     Shadab Khan is introduced into the attack for Pakistan.

     Tossed up on middle, and de Leede drives it through covers for a single. Vikramjit Singh tucks the next ball off his hips for one more.

     Cut away through point by de Leede, and Fakhar Zaman puts in a diving effort at the boundary to keep it down to a couple of runs.

     The Netherlands scores 85/2 after 18 overs.

     Runs: 88 | Wickets: 2 | Overs: 19

     Mohammad Nawaz continues his spell for Pakistan.

     De Leede first tries to guide the ball past short third man, but it’s stopped by the fielder. He then cuts to deep point for a single.

     There’s a loud appeal for LBW as Vikramjit misses the flick on the leg side off a straight delivery. Pakistan decides to review the decision. The ball was pitching on middle and leg and spinning into the left-hander, so it’s likely missing leg-stump. The review confirms that the ball is missing the wickets, and Pakistan loses a review.

     The Netherlands scores 88/2 after 19 overs.

     Runs: 98 | Wickets: 2 | Overs: 20

     Shadab Khan continues to bowl for Pakistan.

     De Leede drives the first ball aerially over extra cover for a single. The next delivery is punched by Vikramjit Singh to cover for a dot ball.

     Vikramjit plays another aerial shot, and it goes to long-on on the bounce for a single. De Leede then drives the ball through point for another single.

     The next delivery is going down leg and is called a wide. SIX! A short delivery, and Vikramjit rocks back to pull it over midwicket for a maximum.

     The Netherlands scores 98/2 after 20 overs.

     Runs: 104 | Wickets: 2 | Overs: 21

     Shadab Khan continues to bowl for Pakistan.

     De Leede goes deep in his crease and cuts the first ball behind point for FOUR, bringing up the 100 for Netherlands in 20.1 overs and also the 50-run partnership.

     The next ball, a full delivery, is drilled down the wicket by Vikramjit Singh after he steps out, but it’s stopped by mid-off. Vikramjit miscues a pull on the following delivery, and it falls just beyond the midwicket fielder for a single.

     Netherlands is now at 104/2 after 21 overs.

     Runs: 108 | Wickets: 2 | Overs: 22

     Shadab Khan continues to bowl for Pakistan.

     The over yields just four runs, with Vikramjit Singh getting an edge on one delivery as he attempted a swipe on the leg side.

     Netherlands is now at 108/2 after 22 overs.

     Runs: 114 | Wickets: 2 | Overs: 23

     Haris Rauf returns to the attack for Pakistan.

     The over begins with Bas de Leede defending a length ball outside off with a straight bat. He then guides one to backward point for a single.

     Vikramjit Singh stays on the leg side of the ball and chops it to mid-on for a quick single. Rauf attempts a bouncer, which goes over De Leede’s attempted pull.

     However, on the next delivery, De Leede manages to get a top edge on the pull shot, and it runs away for a boundary behind the keeper. The over ends with a full delivery that is driven back down the ground.

     Netherlands reaches 114/2 after 23 overs.

     Runs: 120 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 24

     Shadab Khan continues his spell for Pakistan.

     The over begins with Vikramjit Singh flicking a tossed-up delivery through square-leg for a couple of runs. He’s been steady and has reached his fifty off 65 balls.

     However, on the next delivery, Vikramjit tries to play a pull shot but doesn’t connect well, and the ball is taken at deep midwicket. He departs after scoring 52 runs.

     Teja Nidamanuru is the new batsman for Netherlands. Shadab beats Teja’s forward defensive push with a ripping delivery.

     The score for Netherlands is 120/3 after 24 overs.

     Runs: 125 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 25

     Haris Rauf is back into the attack for Pakistan.

     The over starts with a beautiful straight drive from Bas de Leede, and the ball finds the gap, racing to the boundary for four runs.

     Rauf follows it up with a full delivery on the pads, and de Leede flicks it to midwicket for a single. Teja Nidamanuru is still struggling to get off the mark as he’s beaten by a length delivery outside off.

     The over concludes with Teja driving straight to the cover fielder. The score for Netherlands is 125/3 after 25 overs.

     Runs: 129 | Wickets: 3 | Overs: 26

     Shadab Khan continues for Pakistan.

     Bas de Leede opens the over with a couple of runs, steering the ball to deep extra cover. He then dabs the ball to short third for a quick single.

     Teja Nidamanuru finally gets off the mark with a single off his seventh ball faced. Four runs come from the over.

     The Netherlands is looking to build a partnership here as they aim to chase down Pakistan’s target of 287. The current run rate required is around 5.5 runs per over.

     Runs: 133 | Wickets: 5 | Overs: 27

     Haris Rauf continues his spell for Pakistan.

     Teja Nidamanuru scores a boundary with a pull shot, hitting the short delivery to the fine-leg boundary for a one-bounce four.

     However, his innings is short-lived as he pulls the next delivery straight to the deep square-leg fielder and is caught. The Netherlands is now five wickets down.

     Captain Scott Edwards comes to the crease, facing a challenging situation with the team under pressure.

     OUT! Captain Edwards departs for a duck. The ball seams in sharply and hits Edwards on the flap of the front pad. He reviews the decision, but the review shows all red on the screen, and he has to go. Netherlands also loses their review with this unsuccessful challenge.

     There’s a dropped catch on the very next ball as Zulfiqar gets an outside edge to the slip, but Iftikhar drops a straightforward chance. Haris Rauf can’t believe his luck, and the Netherlands survives a scare.

     The game continues to have twists and turns as the Netherlands batsmen look to rebuild their innings.

     Runs: 137 | Wickets: 5 | Overs: 28

     Teja Nidamanuru is joined by captain Scott Edwards as they try to stabilize the Netherlands innings.

     Scott Edwards reviews an LBW decision but the review shows that the ball is missing the stumps. The Netherlands loses another review.

     Bas de Leede reaches a well-deserved fifty off 50 balls, holding the Netherlands innings together.

     Shadab Khan generates sharp turn from a length delivery, beating Zulfiqar’s outside edge.

     The Netherlands continues to face challenging conditions as they work to build a partnership and recover from their early losses.

     Runs: 146 | Wickets: 5 | Overs: 29

     The Netherlands is working on rebuilding their innings with Bas de Leede and Saqib Zulfiqar in the middle.

     Bas de Leede takes on Rauf’s bouncer, smashing it for a six over mid-wicket.

     The Dutch batsmen are showing resilience as they try to recover from early setbacks.

     Runs: 150 | Wickets: 5 | Overs: 30

     The Netherlands reaches the 150-run mark, showing determination in their innings.

     There was a stumping appeal against Bas de Leede, but the third umpire ruled it not out as he managed to drag his foot back just in time.

     The Dutch team is gradually recovering after the early wickets.

Pakistan vs. Netherlands
Courtesy Netherlands Cricket Insider Twitter

     Runs: 152 | Wickets: 5 | Overs: 31

     The Netherlands continues their innings, now at 152 runs for the loss of 5 wickets after 31 overs.

     There was a close LBW appeal against Bas de Leede, but the umpire ruled it not out, possibly indicating that the ball was sliding down the leg side. The Dutch batsmen are trying to build a partnership here.

     Runs: 158 | Wickets: 5 | Overs: 32

     The Dutch batsmen are showing resilience, adding six runs to their total in the 32nd over. The partnership between Bas de Leede and Saqib Zulfiqar is crucial for the Netherlands as they aim to chase down the target set by Pakistan.

     Runs: 163 | Wickets: 6 | Overs: 33

     Saqib Zulfiqar is dismissed LBW by a searing full delivery from Shaheen Shah Afridi, leaving the Netherlands at 163/6. Roelof van der Merwe is the new batsman at the crease, and Bas de Leede is looking in good touch as he played a beautiful boundary in the over.

     Runs: 165 | Wickets: 7 | Overs: 34

     Bas de Leede is bowled by Mohammad Nawaz after scoring a valuable 67 runs from 68 balls. The Netherlands are now 165/7. Logan van Beek is the new batsman, and he will need to play a miraculous innings to keep his team in the game.

     Runs: 174 | Wickets: 7 | Overs: 35

     The Netherlands is currently at 174/7 after 35 overs. Logan van Beek and Roelof van der Merwe are trying to rebuild the innings, but the required run rate is climbing, and they face an uphill battle against Pakistan’s bowling attack.

     Runs: 176 | Wickets: 8 | Overs: 36

     The Netherlands has lost another wicket, and they are now 176/8 after 36 overs. Pakistan’s fielding has been sharp, and they are tightening the screws on the Dutch team. The required run rate is climbing rapidly, and it’s going to be a challenging task for the lower-order batsmen to make a comeback in this match.

     Runs: 184 | Wickets: 8 | Overs: 37

     The Netherlands is trying to fight back with some lusty hitting. They are currently 184/8 after 37 overs. Pakistan will be looking to wrap up the tail quickly and secure a victory in this match.

     Runs: 186 | Wickets: 9 | Overs: 38

     The Netherlands has lost another wicket, and they are now 186/9 after 38 overs. Pakistan is in a strong position to wrap up the innings and secure a win in this match.

     Runs: 191 | Wickets: 9 | Overs: 39

     It seems the Netherlands is putting up some resistance with van Meekeren playing a good shot for a boundary. However, they are still in a difficult position at 191/9 in 39 overs.

     Runs: 202 | Wickets: 9 | Overs: 40 In the 40th over, Hasan Ali delivered a length ball, and van Beek responded with a powerful shot down the ground, resulting in FOUR runs. The following delivery was right in the slot, allowing van Beek to launch it over the bowler for yet another FOUR.

     Runs: 205 | Wickets: 10 | Overs: 41 In the 41st over, Rauf pushed for pace, and despite a couple of singles, the batters couldn’t resist. A delivery from Rauf uprooted van Meekeren’s leg stump, sealing Pakistan’s commanding 81-run victory.

Pakistan vs. Netherlands:

     Pakistan has kickstarted their World Cup campaign with a remarkable victory! Nevertheless, it wasn’t a walk in the park, as the Netherlands put up an impressive performance with both bat and ball. In the end, Pakistan’s superior quality and skills proved to be a bit too much for their opponents, securing them the win. This match showcased a commendable effort from both sides and set the stage for an exciting tournament ahead.

     The Netherlands faced an early setback as they lost Max O’Dowd in the initial stages of their innings. Vikramjit Singh and Colin Ackermann managed to stabilize the innings temporarily, but Ackermann’s stay at the crease was short-lived. However, when Bas de Leede joined the batting, he displayed excellent form and, in partnership with Singh, constructed a significant partnership of 70 runs. Both batsmen also notched up half-centuries during this stand, which revitalized the Netherlands’ prospects in the match.

     Unfortunately, Singh was dismissed soon after reaching his fifty, triggering a minor collapse for the Dutch side. They went from a relatively strong position of 120 for 3 to 158 for 6. Bas de Leede, their main hope, attempted to wage a lone battle at the other end, but lacking substantial support, he too was dismissed shortly afterward. The lower order managed to hang around for a while, with Logan van Beek contributing with some powerful hits towards the end. However, in the end, the Netherlands fell short of their target by 81 runs, despite their efforts to stage a late resurgence.

Pakistan vs. Netherlands

     Pakistan, while they might have wished for a stronger performance, ultimately achieved their goal. Shaheen Afridi had some struggles with the new ball, but Hasan Ali was excellent and provided an early breakthrough. The decision to entrust the ball to Iftikhar Ahmed paid off as he took a wicket on his very first delivery. However, Pakistan allowed the Netherlands to build a partnership and make a comeback in the game.

     Shadab Khan eventually broke that partnership, and Haris Rauf worked his magic with the old ball, taking two crucial wickets in the same over to put Pakistan back in control. There was a missed opportunity when Iftikhar dropped a straightforward catch, but fortunately, it didn’t impact the outcome significantly. Shaheen Afridi contributed with one more wicket.

     Bas de Leede proved to be a resilient obstacle for Pakistan, but a brilliant delivery from Mohammad Nawaz dismissed him, bringing Pakistan closer to victory. Hasan Ali and Haris Rauf then closed out the game by taking the remaining wickets, securing the win for Pakistan.

Pakistan vs. Netherlands

     In the earlier stages of the game, Pakistan faced initial difficulties after being asked to bat first. However, they managed to post a respectable total, thanks to two impressive half-centuries from Saud Shakeel and Mohammad Rizwan. Additionally, some late contributions from Mohammad Nawaz and Shadab Khan bolstered Pakistan’s score.

     Bas de Leede was the standout bowler for the Netherlands, securing a four-wicket haul, while Colin Ackermann also chipped in with two wickets. Aryan Dutt, Logan van Beek, and Paul van Meekeren each contributed with one wicket as well.

     During their chase, the Netherlands saw resistance from Bas de Leede and Vikramjit Singh, but they required more substantial contributions from their other batsmen to challenge Pakistan’s quality bowling attack.

     Saud Shakeel has been named the PLAYER OF THE MATCH for his remarkable innings of 68 runs off 52 balls on his World Cup debut. In his acceptance speech, that,

     Tried to be positive and score runs for the team. Nerves were there, we lost 3 wickets but I was fortunate enough to get early boundaries. We knew the pressure would go back to them if we got a start. I think the last 2-3 months I’ve been playing hard, I knew I’d bat number 5 for Pakistan and have been developing my shots according to that – sweeps and reverse sweeps. Thanks to the crowd as well, and I want to thank my coach as well for helping me out.’

     Scott Edwards, the captain of the Netherlands,

     Expresses his disappointment with the outcome of the match. He acknowledges that,

     “Firstly, a little bit disappointing. Think we bowled a fielded really well. Credit to Pakistan, they batted well in the end. Felt the total was par, we felt we were in the game when we were on 120. Captaincy is a bit about instinct, lot of options out there. Bas de Leede is fantastic in all three departments of the game. Just needed someone to go with him. Haven’t spoken to van Beek, we’ll assess that and see where it goes. Probably one that got away, we were in a pretty good position. They just took a few wickets in the middle there.

    Pakistan vs. Netherlants

     Babar Azam, the triumphant captain of Pakistan, acknowledges the fantastic support from the Hyderabad crowd and expresses his gratitude,

     “The way Hyderabad supports us, we are very happy. Our team is enjoying the hospitality. Pretty satisfied, credit to the bowlers, the way started well and the way we took wickets in the middle overs. We lost three wickets, the way Rizwan and Saud batted put pressure on the Netherlands. Saud built his innings and played well. He has improved a lot. Our bowlers bowled very well, we stuck to our plans, Haris bowled quick and took wickets.”


ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 match between Pakistan and Netherlands







Pakistan win by 81 runs

Saud Shakeel was named Player-of-the-Match for his 52-ball 68.


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