England Beat Australia by 49 Runs in a Very Tough Match in The 5th and Final Ashes Test, and What a Glorious Victory That is.

England beat Australia by 49 runs in a very tough match in the 5th and final Ashes Test in Kia Oval London and what a glorious victory that is.

England beat Australia by 49 runs in a very tough match in the 5th and final Ashes Test in Kia Oval London and what a glorious victory that is. England level the series by 2-2.

England beat Australia by 49 runs in a very tough match in the 5th and final Ashes Test in Kia Oval London and what a glorious victory that is.
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England beat Australia by 49 runs in a very tough match in the 5th and final Ashes Test in Kia Oval London and what a glorious victory that is. England level the series by 2-2.

     Key Highlights of the 5th Day: [ 1 ] England beat Australia by 49 runs.

     [ 2 ] Australia resumed its inning from 135/0 and needed 249 more to win the Ashes by 3-1 with 10 wickets in hand.

     [ 3 ] Openers Khawaja and Warner resumed their inning from 69 and 58 respectively. Both were very comfortable yesterday.

     [ 4 ] Woakes strike 2 times in the early morning session and send both the openers to the pavilion.

     [ 5 ] England strike early in the morning session and got 3 wickets in this session.

     [ 6 ] Wood took the wicket of Labuschagne in the morning session.

     [ 7 ] Smith and Head stitched a partnership of 95 runs. 

     [ 8 ]  Smith hit his 39th Test fifty in 89 balls.

     [ 9 ] Australia wanted to wrap up quickly as lost its 4 wickets in 19 balls.

     [ 10 ] Woakes took a 4 wicket haul.

     [ 11 ] Moeen Ali strike 3 times in the evening session.

     [ 12 ] Broad took 2 wickets and ended his career like a fairytale.

     [ 13 ] Chris Woakes got 3 awards: as he is adjudged England’s Player of the Series, Man of the Match for this game as well as the Player of the Series for claiming 19 wickets in 6 innings.

     [ 14 ] Mitchell Starc is Australia’s Player of the Series.

     [ 15 ] Joe Root picked up the MVP  [ Most Valuable Player ]  award.

     The final Test stand at an interesting turn as we head into the final day of the Ashes and Pat Cummins and his men needed 249 more runs to win as Warner and Khawaja scored 135 on the last day to take the score to 3-1. Meanwhile, England failed to make any breakthrough yesterday and will be eyeing early wickets. It’s dark and cloudy at The Oval but the forecast is for the rain to stay away as the day progresses.

      Marcus Trescothick, England’s assistant coach, morning statement before the play started: “I think the game’s in a great position and we’re still pretty positive about the job we’ve got to do. They’ve had a good start, but a couple of early ones in the morning and suddenly we’re right back in the mix again.

      Rain delayed the start. The play was delayed by 10 minutes due to rain.

       Khawaja [ 69 ]  and Warner [ 58 ]  resumed the play today with a team total of 135 runs. England strike early in the morning, and Woakes got Warner. A well-made  60 in 106 balls just added 2 runs in his yesterday’s total by Warner. Labuschagne joined Khawaja after  Warner. Now Australia was on 140/1, just added 5 in its last day’s total and England needed 9 wickets for a glorious win. Count down started.

     Woakes strike again in his next over and trap Khawaja in front who had added just 4 runs in his last day’s total got out on 72 in 145 balls and the team total was 141/2 now Smith joined Labuschagne. Australia lost 2 wickets at the cost of 1 run. Now England needed 8 wickets. This is a wonderful bowling exhibition as the pacer has packed off the Australian openers within the first hour of play to leave Australia in a bit of wobble.

     Now Mark Wood strike this time and got Labuschagne out and  Australia was 169/3,  England was seven wickets away and this is a huge wicket as Labuschagne was looking good in defense. Travis Head joined Smith. Top bowling from Woakes and  Wood and this has been England’s session.

    Australia lost three wickets due to England’s bounce and plenty of movement. Woakes got the breakthrough by dismissing the Australian openers and then Wood dismissed the dangerous Labushen. England needed seven wickets and Australia needed a score above 200 with two and a half sessions still to go. Few more wickets and England believed that they have a chance to win the match and draw the series. 

    Doesn’t seem like Broad was playing his last Test as he got one to move away sharply from Travis Head with the ball beating the outside edge. Michael Atherton pointed out that there was ‘absolutely no movement yesterday’ but today there is a lot of movement and the bowlers are relishing bowling in these conditions.

     Head brought 200 up for Australia and needed 173 runs to win and both Smith and Head are batting at ease with the latter taking the aggressive route and finding the boundaries. Smith is batting with immense concentration. Crucial 30 minutes before lunch. Smith, Head raise 50 run stand.

     The run rate wasn’t an issue as Australia is going at nearly 5 RPO (4.85). England needs to break this stand.

     Stokes dropped Smith: What a huge moment that was in the game when Ben Stokes took a catch at leg slip to dismiss Steve Smith but the England skipper wasn’t in control of the catch and threw the ball into the ground to join the celebration. This was a massive moment in the game as England took the review and the replay showed Smith gloved Moeen Ali, Stokes timed his jump and caught the ball but just couldn’t control his landing.

     The session was shared by both teams. England dominated in the early session by getting 3 crucial wickets, then Smith and Head stitched a 50-run stand. Just when one thought England was completely dominating Australia, Steve Smith put the brakes on the England attack and combined with Travis Head to revive Australia’s innings.

    Chris Woakes made a brilliant start by removing Warner and Khawaja within the first hour of play and then Wood removed Labuschagne with a superb ball to swing the momentum in England’s favor. However, Smith and Head put on a fifty-run partnership to get Australia’s target back on track.

     Both teams share the opening session as England needed another seven wickets for a win and to level the series by 2-2. However, they were up against a determined Smith who was batting with surgical precision with Head playing a counter-attacking innings.

    Moeen Ali created a chance to dismiss Smith but Stokes failed to complete the catch and lost control of the ball as the third umpire overruled the on-field umpire’s decision. Smith escaped when the players went for lunch.

     Rain arrived at Oval: There comes the rain! Just before the session was about to start, the players walked back into the sheds due to the brief spell. This was frustrating as the players and the umpires were all ready for the second session. Rain delayed the play by more than an hour early tea was taken.

     Around 18 overs of play had been lost during the rain interruption but 47 overs of play were left for the day. The play started for a marathon evening/3rd session. 

     Smith hit his 39th Test fifty in 89 balls. However, Moeen strike the very next ball by removing Head as the batsman went for an expansive drive only to get an outside edge as Root took a sharp catch at first slip. Head departed for a well-made 43 off just 70 balls as Moeen broke the 95-run stand. Australia was 264/4 and England needed 6 more wickets for a comprehensive victory. Mitchell Marsh was the new man in.

     Chris Woakes gave the first blow of the evening to Australia in the form of Smith. Wow! What a moment came in the game and the momentum has shifted once again in favor of England with Chris Woakes removing Steve Smith. Woakes picked his third wicket England was in charge after the rain break as Smith departed for a 94-ball 54.

     Australia was 274/5 and half of its side was back in the pavilion and England needed 5 wickets for its dream victory. 

     What a big blow that was for Australia in the form of Smith, Woakes hunted a big whale. In the very next over Moeen Ali strike and got the wicket of Marsh without disturbing the scorer. Australia were 274/6 and England needed 4 more wickets for a glorious victory.

    The Oval erupted, the sun was out and England sniffing a sensational victory as it required four more wickets for a glorious victory. Australia had lost three wickets in 15 balls.

    Woakes wanted to hunt more and was looking for his fourth and he found it in Starc. Woakes took four, England on top
It’s a procession now as Woakes picks his fourth wicket by removing Mitchell Starc. Australia was 275/7 and just added 1 run after Marsh’s wicket.

     England was in a hurry to win or Australia wanted to wrap up quickly, it was a matter to understand because Australia had lost their 4 wickets in less than 20 balls, now England needed just 3 wickets. Now on as skipper, Pat Cummins walked out to join Alex Carey. England was pumped up and it has the backing of the crowd.

     Now England was very Enthusiastic and to finish it quickly. England wreaked havoc in the last 20 minutes and was now absolutely on top of the game as it needed just three wickets to win the Test match and level the series. There were still 34 overs left and it will be a humongous task for Cummins and Carey to survive given that there wasn’t much batting left after this. Australia needed 100 runs, England three wickets.

     Moeen Ali strike 3rd time in this evening session and got the wicket of the Aussies’ skipper  Pat Cummins. It was a matter of time before England leveled the series as it was just two wickets away from a sensational victory.

     Todd Murphy and Alex Carey have resisted the attack with Broad into his 18th over without any success in his final Test. The veteran bowled some fantastic deliveries but the ball had evaded the outside edge of the batsmen. Australia needed 69 runs, England was two wickets away from a win and there were still 24 overs to go. Broad was hoping to pick at least one wicket. 

    Broad strike this time: Stuart Broad finally got a wicket in his final Test match now England needed just one wicket to win a spectacular Test match. Broad shuffled the bails at the non-striker’s end, a good omen that had produced a wicket each time he did that act, and this time he got Murphy. This was sensational from England and The Oval was up on its feet.   

     Zak Crawley dropped Carey:
It was almost a dream end to Stuart Broad’s career as he induced an outside edge but Crawley who caught so well today misjudged the catch and handed Carey a life as the ball hits his wrists. It could have been a fairytale ending for Broad.

     England beat Australia by 49 runs: What a magical end to Stuart Broad and it’s a dreamy Ashes script as Broad removes Carey and runs off in celebration while The Oval erupts in joy. England beat Australia by 49 runs to level the series 2–2, and Broad ended his Test career with the win. Great scene at The Oval when Broad walked out with Moeen Ali, who had come out of retirement.



England beat Australia: Woakes took 4 wicket haul.
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England beat Australia: Moeen Ali took a 3- wicket haul.
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     Absolutely wonderful, says Broad:
    “It was absolutely wonderful. Moeen and Woakes set the tone unbelievably… The crowd was just wonderful, it was so loud – we jumped on the back of the energy of the crowd. You wonder what your last ball will be, so to take a wicket to win an Ashes Test is pretty special.     

England beat Australia by 49 runs, Broad took 2 wickets in his last test.
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    Broad to Moeen Ali:
    “Enjoyed bowling to left-handers, so for my last spell to be moving it away, the ball zipped through for us after rain. A word for Moeen as well, he’s not officially announced he’s moving on but to put in that performance and help England win will be a dream come true for him. I like data and facts, when I decided to come around the wicket in 2015, it was because my stats weren’t very good. I did a lot of research into bowling to David Warner. When you get to the top level it’s about knowing your weaknesses but also knowing your strengths and sticking to them.”

    Broad on the Bail Switch:
“If I’d learned that ten years ago I’d have been away. The Marnus one really made me smile. I had a couple of plays and misses, was getting frustrating, so thought I’d change them, not the batter’s ones, and it worked. Probably wouldn’t have taken the second new ball at Edgbaston. Hard to bowl with all series. Once we took it, the ball skidded on and made it easier for them to find the boundary. When you lose to a great team like Australia, you hold your head up high. [Headbands] When I looked around I saw them in the crowd, it was a nice gesture. It ended up being a superstition, I wore it in Covid and then took it off, then didn’t take a wicket. So sticking with it to the end, made me smile to see people wearing them.”

     Chris Woakes removed both the Australian openers – David Warner and Usman Khawaja – who stitched a 140-run opening stand. Mark Wood then got rid of Marnus Labuschagne for 13, reducing England to 169/3.

     The pair of Steve Smith and Travis Head then stitched a perfect rescue act adding 95 runs for the fourth wicket however, England dictated the proceedings in the final session, which got underway after a rain delay. Woakes was once again the enforcer and Moeen Ali gave him good support from the other end as Australia lost four wickets in the span of 11 runs. Woakes finished the innings with four wickets, while Moeen chipped in with three wickets.     

     Broad’s retirement bombshell:

     Stuart Broad said at the end of play on Day 3 that this Test will be his last game of cricket. “It has been a wonderful ride. A huge privilege to wear the Nottinghamshire and the England batch as much as I have. I am loving cricket as much as I ever had, it has been such a wonderful series to be a part of and I have always wanted to finish on the top. This series feels like one of the most enjoyable entertainments I’ve been a part of,” he said.

     Broad said that he made the decision to retire at “about 8.30 pm last night” but had been mulling it for the past two weeks. He told captain Ben Stokes on Friday night and the rest of his teammates on Saturday morning. “I had been thinking about it for a couple of weeks. England vs Australia has been the pinnacle for me. I have loved the battles with Australia. I have got a love affair with Ashes and I wanted it to be my last bat and bowl. I told Stokesy last night and told the changing room this morning. It felt like the right time,” he said.

     Australia collapsed from 264-3 to 334 all out, with England’s retiring paceman Stuart Broad taking the final wicket. With the win, England successfully came back from two down in the series to draw the contest 2-2.

     Stuart Broad had a fairytale ending to his career as he picked the last two Australian wickets on Day 5 of the fifth Ashes Test, as England romped home with a 49-run win. After a good start, Australia crumbled under pressure in the final session. Australia, chasing 384 to win, collapsed from 264-3 to 334 all out, with England’s retiring paceman Stuart Broad taking the final wicket. With the win, England successfully came back from two down in the series to draw the contest 2-2. 

     Right then, that’s all from the 73rd edition of the Ashes. Pat Cummins and Ben Stokes get together and pose with the Ashes Series Trophy. After the photographs are done, Cummins calls over his teammates to lift the coveted Ashes urn. This year’s Ashes has ended with a 2-2 scoreline and it is Australia who will take the urn back home having won the last series.

     Pat Cummins, the captain of Australia says: that two high-quality teams participated in this series and most of the sessions were shared so he agrees that a drawn series is a fair result. Claims that right from the start they wanted to win the Ashes so from the word go in this run chase, they were looking to win. Mentions that they can be proud of retaining the Ashes against a quality side. Adds that it is the same side as the one that toured in 2019 so they are proud of the effort that they put in this time around. Informs that the Ashes is a difficult series not only out on the field but also with the fans and the media getting to you but he does not want to change anything about it. Reckons that there is no point looking at what they could change so 2-2 it is. Ends by paying tribute to Stuart Broad by saying that he is a great competitor who saves his best against Australia. Adds that he has played only one-third of the games that Broad has played and he cannot even think of playing that many matches so congratulations to him.

     Ben Stokes, the skipper of England says: that it is a really good feeling. Mentions that 2-2 is a fair reflection of two teams going toe-to-toe. Reckons that not many teams would have been able to respond after being 0-2 down. Feels pretty content with what they have achieved. Credits David Warner and Usman Khawaja for the way they batted in the fourth innings. Adds that it was always going to be tough chasing in the final inning with the scoreboard pressure. On Chris Woakes, he says that he says come good with the ball as well as with the bat in the lower order. On Mark Wood, he says that he could hardly walk but kept running in regardless. On Stuart Broad, he says that he has been an unbelievable performer for England and adds that it was written in the stars. On Moeen Ali, he says that he performed when it mattered the most for England and adds that he changed the game for them. Reckons that this series was what Test cricket needed.

     Chris Woakes gets three awards as he is adjudged England’s Player of the Series, Man of the Match for this game as well as the Player of the Series for claiming 19 wickets in 6 innings. He says that it has been an amazing feeling to get into the side and win games. Claims that they still believed that they could come back despite being 2-0 down and 2-2 is a fair result. Informs that he was out of contention before so he just wanted to come into the side and contribute in order to help the team win a Ashes Test. Reckons that he felt like the opportunity would come, didn’t know when it will be but he needed to be prepared. Mentions that taking an early wicket when he was picked helped settle a few nerves. Adds that he got his rhythm going and some luck also went his way so he is grateful. About Stuart Broad, he says that the way he is going out is amazing and they will be hearing for a long time how he got a six on the last ball while batting and a wicket on his last delivery. Goes on to say that Australia are a pretty good team and it is not easy to take the wickets of big players so it was amazing to be able to do so. Admits that they were happy with the ball change and you have to have to some luck for it to work in your favor. Ends by saying that he does not know if he will continue playing Test cricket as he leaves that decision to Ben Stokes and the management but he would love to contribute and be a part of the toughest format of cricket.

    Mitchell Starc is Australia’s Player of the Series. He says that all five Test matches were incredible. Adds that it was exciting with the ebbs and flows throughout the series. On this loss, he says that it happened quickly and reckons that it was the nature of the series. Congratulates Stuart Broad on his retirement and says that he could not have written any better. Mentions that it was a fantastic tour to express himself. States that he got backing from Pat Cummins and Andrew McDonald. Feels that it was a pretty successful tour with a resilient group and a fantastic support staff.

     Joe Root picked up the MVP  [ Most Valuable Player ]  award.

     The man of the moment, Stuart Broad is in for a chat. He starts by saying that it was absolutely wonderful. Adds that Chris Woakes and Moeen Ali set the tone after the rain interruption. Shares that once they got a couple of wickets, they started to believe. Mentions that the crowd was loud and says that they jumped on the back of it. States that it feels special to take the two wickets and contribute to the team’s win. On his six off his last ball, he jokingly says that it was the only ball he middled all year. On Moeen Ali, he says that he has not officially announced his retirement yet and says that to be able to put in this performance will be special for him. Mentions that he did a lot of research into bowling against David Warner. Reckons that knowing about weaknesses is as important as knowing strengths. On switching the bails, he said that had he learned it 10 years ago, he would have been away. Shares that new ball skidded onto the bat and run-scoring became easier. States that it was great to see the crowd wearing headbands and adds that it made him smile.

     Joe Root played remarkably well the second time around to score 91 in 106 balls and stitched together a 110-run partnership with Jonny Bairstow who notched up a half-century as well. The tail could not contribute heavily but James Anderson and Stuart Broad managed to play through to Stumps on Day 3. It was after that day’s play that Broad announced that he was hanging his boots in international cricket and the crowd saw him hit his last delivery in Test cricket for a maximum the following morning. England were bowled out for 395 setting the visitors a target of 384 and Australia was off to a great start scoring 135 runs without losing a wicket on Day 4 before the game was called off due to rain. They lost three wickets early on the final day as both the openers departed after getting to their half centuries and Marnus Labuchagne could not make much of an impact.

     Pat Cummins won his first toss of the series and elected to bowl first under overcast conditions and it seemed like a masterstroke as the visitors were able to bowl out their opponents in a little more than two sessions. England had however managed to score at a brisk rate and were bowled out for 283 runs in 54.4 overs. Harry Brook top scored for his side with 85 in 91 deliveries and the top three batters Ben Duckett, Zak Crawley, and Moeen Ali all got off to decent starts but could not make the most of it. Cameos from Chris Woakes and Mark Wood helped them reach a decent total in the first inning. Mitchell Starc was the pick of the bowlers claiming 4 wickets and was well supported by Josh Hazlewood and Todd Murphy who chipped in with two wickets each. While we witnessed an exhibition of ‘Bazball’ from England, Australia adopted a completely different approach as they decided to be defensive and play for time.

     In their first effort, David Warner got into his 20s and gave away his wicket but Usman Khawaja held up one end scoring 47 runs in 157 deliveries. Steven Smith looked good enroute his 71 but a flurry of wickets had them 98 runs behind the England total with three wickets in hand. The tail wagged as Pat Cummins and Todd Murphy made 30-plus scores and helped the Aussies take a first-inning lead of 12 runs. Chris Woakes was really good, once again taking three crucial wickets with Stuart Broad, Mark Wood, and Joe Root adding a couple each to their kitty. England came out to bat for the second time with only aggression on their mind. Zak Crawley scored 73 runs in 76 deliveries to get the hosts off to a flier and Ben Duckett along with his skipper Ben Stokes, who promoted himself to number 3, were dismissed 8 runs short of a half-century but they were consistently scoring at over 5 runs per over.

     SESSION SUMMARY – 96 runs and 7 wickets in 28.4 overs. There were a total of 47 overs scheduled to be played in the final session of this Test series after a long stoppage in play and with 146 runs needed to win, Australia were firm favourites with two set batters at the crease along with seven wickets in hand. Steven Smith got to his fifty as he looked to be playing another valuable knock in his team’s cause. Moeen Ali got his first wicket of the game to break the 95-run fourth-wicket partnership on the very next ball as he dismissed Travis Head 7 runs short of his half-century. Things turned quickly thereafter as Chris Woakes dismissed Steven Smith on 54 in the next over and Moeen Ali came back to send Mitchell Marsh back to the shed. Both the bowlers claimed one more wicket each dismissing Mitchell Starc and Pat Cummins as Australia were reduced from 264 for 3 to 294 for 8. Alex Carey and Todd Murphy did try to fight back but the script was already written and they had to stumble under the euphoria surrounding the man of the hour Stuart Broad.

     England win the 5th and final Ashes Test in Kia Oval London:! They have managed to level the series dramatically! Let us not forget the extraordinary story of a cricketing legend Stuart Broad who claimed the last two wickets to end his illustrious career with an Ashes Test win! The emotions around the stadium are pretty high at the moment as the great fast bowler walks off the cricket ground as a player for the last time. It was not too long back when we had a resumption after the rain interval and at that time there were talks about how Australia are well on course to clinch this game to win the series 3-1. It did not take long for England to flip the odds and condemn the Aussies to a devastating loss by 49 runs. Australia did manage to retain the Ashes but they will be thanking the rain gods for washing out the game at Old Trafford as they conceded an early 2-0 lead to finish the series on level terms.